Treating sludge and maintaining clean water in a wet spray booth

How to treat water and remove sludge from a wet spray booth

A wet back system is an efficient method of filtering overspray of paint or lacquer within a spray booth. The fan draws the overspray through the curtain of water where it is trapped and falls into the tank of water.
However, within a short space of time, the tank will fill with paint which can cause many issues such as inefficiency of the spray booth and bacteria build up. Whilst a common practice is to have the waste water disposed of on a regular basis, this can be costly and production has to be stopped whilst the booth is emptied and refilled. In addition, much of the paint will remain in the booth and through the pipework where it will be hard and sticky so often this sludge needs to be dug out by hand. When fresh water is added to the tank, this sludge can make its way back into the booth and so the equipment is never completely clean and over time the booth can become inoperable.
The better solution is to maintain the booth on a weekly or daily basis, treating the water to ensure that there is never any build up of sludge. Our Proco system will denature the paint so that it is not sticky and does not build up through the spray booth. Proflo can then be added to separate the paint from the water so that it can be skimmed and filtered. The booth never needs to be emptied and runs efficiently, there is no need for production downtime and the working environment is improved for the health and safety of the operatives.
This system is easy to operate; all that is required is an addition of the solution once a day or week. There are different methods of filtration based on the size and type of booth. In order that we can help you then please contact us preferably with details of the size of the tank and the approximate paint usage. We can then arrange for a technician to visit your premises. More details ...
Treated waste water in wet spray booth