What solutions can we provide you and your business? Spray booth filtration, Surface treatment and more.

What solutions can we provide you and your business? Spray booth filtration, surface treatment, waste water management and more.

Examples of our solutions include:

  1. Spray booth input, extraction and panel air filters.
  2. Coagulants for water spray booths (paint removal) and waste water for recycling, with recycling equipment, biocides and de-scalers.
  3. Protective peelable coatings for walls and floors.
  4. Surface treatment chemicals such as degreasers by hand or machine, phosphates or corrosion inhibitors, etches and paint strippers.
  5. Lubricants such as laser protection and anti-spatter.
  6. Cleaners and disinfectants, such as toilet cleaners, surface wipes, floor cleaners, hand sanitisers and kitchen cleaners.
  7. Vehicle cleaners, washes and waxes.
  8. Spraying equipment, such as compression and knapsack sprayers.
  9. Amenity solutions such as moss-killers and weed-killers.
  10. Exterior cleaners such as for tarmac, cement, oil, atmospheric pollution.

If any of these are applicable to your company and work then please let us know.  Some of this can be found on our websites at www.spcb.co.uk or www.mosskillers.co.uk but as our range and capability is so vast then much is not online and we tend to provide a bespoke service to cater to individual needs via our laboratory. It would be helpful to know what facilities you have such as spray booth types, and the type of work or even any issues you have that may need addressing.


SPCB UK Ltd is a company which is very active in helping our customers to maintain a better working environment and recycle for zero waste.

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